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SecurLOCK Equip App

Q: What is SecurLOCK Equip?

A: SecurLOCK Equip is a mobile app that allows you to control how, when and where your Johnson Bank debit cards are used. It is a simple and secure way to manage and monitor payment transaction activity. SecurLOCK Equip will help protect your debit card by sending you instant notifications whenever the cards are used.

Q: Is there a fee to use SecurLOCK Equip?

A: No.

Q: Is SecurLOCK Equip separate from the Johnson Bank App?

A: Yes. You can download the SecurLOCK Equip app from the Google Play or Apple store.

Q: What mobile devices are supported?

A: Android – version 4.1 or later and Apple (iOS) – device model 4S or later with iOS operating system version 6 or later and all future device or releases going forward.

Q: If I am traveling should I still call Johnson Bank to let them know I am traveling?

A: Yes. You should still contact your Johnson Bank advisor or the Johnson Customer Support Center at 888.769.3796 to let us know where you are traveling and when.

Q: Once I register, how do I begin managing and monitoring payment activity?

A: You can begin using the SecurLOCK Equip immediately. Once you turn the card off, the green button in the top right corner of the card image will turn to red. This means all transactions (except for reoccurring) will be declined. When you are ready to make a purchase, you'll simply turn the card back on. It is that easy. Now, you have ultimate control to combat fraud. After you become comfortable with the on/off function, you can start selectively setting controls and alerts by channel (in‐store, online, mobile, ATM, etc.). You can also set transaction spend limits, select geographic locations where the card can be used, set specific merchant categories, view recent transaction history, receive real‐time alerts and much more.

Q: If I have “My Location” enabled and leave my phone at home, will my transactions still work?

A: No. “My Location” has a 5 mile radius so you will need to have your phone with you.

Q: How quickly do the controls work?

A: The control changes are done real‐time and are in effect immediately.

Q: How do I know the on/off selection was successful?

A: An indicator on the card in the app changes from green (on) to red (off). In addition, a message pops up indicating all transactions will be blocked except recurring transactions.

Q: What are Alert Preferences?

A: Alert preferences let you know every time a card transaction is attempted. You can be alerted for all or preferred transactions. Preferred alerts are also available by location, transaction type, merchant type, and threshold amount.

Q: What do I need to do if I get a new device and want to use SecurLOCK Equip again?

A: Just download the app to your new device and login with your current user id and password. You can then set your controls and alert preferences.

Q: I received a new debit card. Will it be automatically updated in the app?

A: You will have to add the new card to the app. This can be done by going to “Manage Portfolio” and adding the card. Be sure to “unmanage” the old card. If only your expiration date has changed, the card will automatically be updated for you in the app.

Q: What if my device is stolen? How secure is the app?

A: SecurLOCK Equip requires a password to access and manage your debit cards. Debit cards in SecurLOCK only display the last four digits of your card number. In addition, there is no personal information stored on the device.

Q: My transaction was declined and it doesn't appear to be because of controls I set up in SecurLOCK Equip. Why was my transaction declined?

A: It's possible our Fraud Alert Management system may decline a transaction even if SecurLOCK is set up to approve it. The system will decline suspicious transactions until we can confirm them with you. Please make sure we have your updated cell phone number and email, so we can try to contact you via text message, phone call or email to confirm suspicious transactions.

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Debit Cards

Q: How do I activate my Johnson Bank Check Card, ATM card, HSA card, Business Debit card and Line of Credit card?

A: You are able to activate your card by calling 866.392.9952.

Q: Who do I notify if I lost my Johnson Bank Check Card or ATM card?

A: When your card is misplaced or lost, we encourage you to contact your Johnson Bank Advisor or the Johnson Bank Customer Service Center using our toll free number 888.769.3796. Your advisor will work with you to review your account history, close the card, and order you a new or replacement card.

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Consumer Chip Cards

Q: Why will I receive a new card?

A: The new chip card will include chip technology to provide you with enhanced security.

Q: How does a chip card protect my information?

A: Every time you use your card at a chip‐enabled terminal, the embedded chip generates a one‐time transaction code. The code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps reduce fraud for in‐person purchases.

Q: How will I receive a chip card?

A: You will receive a chip card automatically when your current card expires.

Q: What will I do with my old card?

A: Once you activate your new card, please destroy your existing card for security reasons.

Q: Where can I use my chip card?

A: You can use your chip card for in‐person or online purchases and ATM transactions.

Q: How do I pay at a chip‐enabled terminal?

A: It's easy to make purchases with your chip card. Simply insert the chip end of your card into the terminal with the chip facing up. Leave your chip card in the terminal and sign the receipt or enter the PIN to complete your transaction. Remove your card from the terminal when prompted and take your receipt. If you select CREDIT, you may need to sign for your purchase. Watch a video that demonstrates the new chip card process, visit johnsonbank.com/chipcards.

Q: Why do I need to leave my chip card in the terminal?

A: While your card is in the chip‐enabled terminal, the embedded chip creates a one‐time transaction code. This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used. If you remove your card too soon, your transaction will be canceled.

Q: Can I still swipe my chip card to pay?

A: If a merchant isn't using a chip‐enabled terminal, you can still swipe your card. You will sign the receipt or enter the PIN to complete your purchase.

Q: Does my debit chip card still work at the ATM?

A: Yes. You can still use your card to get cash, check your balance and more. Be sure to insert the chip end of your card into the ATM with the chip facing up. Your card will remain in the ATM until your transaction is complete.

Q: Will my card information change?

A: For your convenience, your card number will not change. Your card may have a new expiration date, so be sure to update your information with billers that charge your card regularly.

Q: Will my PIN change?

A: No. Your PIN will remain the same.

Q: Will I have to pay any fees to use my chip card?

A: No. There are no additional fees to use your new card.

Q: Does my new card have all the same benefits?

A: Yes. You can count on the same level of benefits you always have.

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Merchant Chip Cards

Q: What is EMV?

A: EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard®, Visa® and is Chip Card technology.

Q: How is chip technology more secure than magnetic stripe card payments?

A: Each card has an embedded microchip that securely stores card data and makes it nearly impossible to create a counterfeit card. The chip also produces a one‐time use code for each transaction for more secure processing.

Q: Why should I switch to chip technology now?

A: To help protect your business from being liable for fraudulent transactions and protect the cardholder information you process.

Q: Will I still be able to accept traditional credit and debit cards?

A: Yes, if a cardholder does not have a chip card, they will still be able to swipe their non‐chip card at your terminal.

Q: How will chip cards impact my customer's experience when they checkout?

A: The only change is that your customer will need to insert the chip card into your terminal and it must remain in the terminal for the entire transaction. You will want to make sure your customer does not forget their card in the terminal after the transaction is complete. Your customers will leave feeling more confident that the risk of fraud will be significantly reduced.

Q: How can I get more information on switching to a chip‐enabled terminal?

A: Contact your Johnson Bank advisor for information on our Supplied Equipment Plan (SEP) where you can quickly and easily upgrade your terminal without an investment in new equipment.

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