Abstract Background
Posted on MAY 23, 2017

Spring Economic Forums

Recently, Johnson Financial Group hosted a series of Economic Forums throughout Wisconsin. The Forums featured Johnson Financial Group's Chief Investment Officer, Brian Andrew, who discussed how the proposed fiscal policies regarding government spending, income taxes and deregulation are impacting markets now and in the future.

Key topics in Brian's presentation:

The Economy

  • We continue to see slow and steady growth
  • Unemployment is low and participation is improving
  • A generational transition continues, with innovation playing a key role
  • The consumer plays a key role with retail and energy spending as well as income growth and savings

Interest Rates

  • Pace of interest rates changing
  • Impact of income and bond portfolios when interest rates rise
  • Managing risk when rates rise

Stock Markets

  • Domestic vs. International – Where should you be?
  • Today's value
  • Getting defensive without timing
  • Should “active” management play a role?