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Posted on DEC 13, 2016

Post-Election Economic Forum

Recently, Johnson Bank hosted an Economic Forum in Phoenix, Arizona. The Forum featured Johnson Bank's Chief Investment Officer, Brian Andrew. At the Forum, Brian shared his expertise and advice on how our newly elected official's proposed policies could impact investment markets, including:

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy has run out of room so help is needed from fiscal policy makers (i.e., the Administration and Congress). Brian discusses how the winning party plans to make improvements.

Campaign Rhetoric

The lack of bi-partisanship may reduce coordinated efforts to use fiscal policy to shore up an already weak economy. Brian discusses the promises most likely to be followed through on.

Sectors of the Economy Who Will Benefit

Based on the election outcome, there will be clear winners and losers. Brian discusses which sectors of the economy will benefit and which may not.

Below is Brian's presentation from the Economic Forum held in Arizona on November 9.