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Posted on SEP 26, 2014

What Can Mobile Banking Do for Your Business?

Johnson Biz AppMobile banking makes it possible to access your business bank accounts anytime, anywhere so the financial side of your business doesn't have to wait while you're out of the office. Mobile banking gives you the ability to move money between accounts, approve payments including ACH and wire transfers, monitor account activity and more, all from your mobile device. It's an easy and secure way to stay on top of your business finances.

Tap into the Benefits

Whether you're running a large business that requires you to travel frequently or you're a small business owner that wears many hats, mobile banking can help you stay in touch with your cash position and manage your cash flow. For example:

If you travel for business, mobile banking can help you stay connected so there are fewer delays for approvals of transfers and transactions. “Mobile banking provides a secure way to approve transactions so you can keep your business moving forward when you're traveling or working from home,” says Sandy Bruhn, VP, Treasury Management/International Banking Sales Manager for Johnson Bank.

If you have employees who handle initiating ACH or wire transfers, mobile banking can improve efficiency while maintaining a system of checks and balances. “Dual control is a best practice for accounting processes, but it can create a bottleneck when one person who needs to approve a transaction is away from the office,” explains Pam Fenton, VP, Treasury Management, Relationship Manager for Johnson Bank. “Mobile banking makes it easier for you and your team to access and approve transfers on time and while using controls to prevent internal and external fraud.”

If you're a small business owner who juggles many duties in addition to managing the business finances, mobile banking can help you do more. You can transfer funds and keep an eye on your accounts whenever you have a free moment. “With mobile banking, you can get a convenient snapshot of your business' cash position right on your phone,” Bruhn says. “We're seeing great adoption of mobile banking with clients looking for ways to improve cash flow and save time.”

Johnson Biz Mobile Banking App

As a Business Gateway® client, you can bank anytime, anywhere with Johnson Biz, Johnson Bank's Business Mobile Banking App. Johnson Biz app allows you to:

Features Business Gateway® Johnson Biz App
Setup or modify Business Gateway users check  
Change password check  
Change security questions and one time passcode check  
Setup alerts check check
View balances and transactions check check
Initiate book transfer check check
Initiate ACH transactions and wire transfers check  
View and approve ACH transactions and wire transfers check check
Locations of branches   check
Future cash tool (iPad only)   check

Visit our business mobile banking page to learn more about Johnson Biz and how you can get started today!