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  • thumbnail Heartbleed Security Breach
    Posted on APR 10, 2014

    Heartbleed Security Breach

    By now you have probably heard about the Heartbleed security breach.  Heartbleed is not a traditional virus. It is a flaw in some openSSL security layers on servers that hold internet data. This includes websites, mobile, and email. It is affecting

  • thumbnail Reported Cell Phone Fraud
    Posted on MAR 7, 2014

    Reported Cell Phone Fraud

    Johnson Bank is currently receiving notifications from our clients indicating that they are being contacted via their cell phones in regards to a deactivated debit card.  The caller ID for these calls shows the number as unavailable. On answer, an

  • thumbnail Apple iOS Security Bug - Update Now!
    Posted on FEB 25, 2014

    Apple iOS Security Bug - Update Now!

     We are providing this notice as a service to our customers, to help you protect yourself.  If you need technical assistance or more information about these updates, visit

  • thumbnail Have a Heart-to-Heart with Your Finances
    Posted on FEB 21, 2014

    Have a Heart-to-Heart with Your Finances

    Every account statement you receive is telling you something about the state of your finances. Depending on how your investments perform, you’ll see an increase or a decrease in your investment account balances. If you’ve spent more of your

  • thumbnail Mapping Your Investment Strategy
    Posted on FEB 21, 2014

    Mapping Your Investment Strategy

    By knowing where you are financially today — and where you want to be in the future — you can make smart investment decisions. So, before you settle on an investment strategy, take time to define your goals and figure out how you’ll

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