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Asset Protection

We know from experience that asset protection is important to you. Johnson Bank's broad range of banking, wealth and insurance solutions will help you assess your risks, protect you and your belongings, and most of all, preserve your wealth.

Protection for you

At Johnson Bank, we understand the importance of protecting your financial information and your possessions. We can help you in the following ways:

Possessions Protect your assets from loss or damage with Johnson Insurance homeowners insurance coverage. As part of your policy you may also want to consider optional coverage including Back‐up Sewer and Drain, Replacement Cost and Identity Theft coverage.
Safe Deposit Boxes One way to protect your records and other irreplaceable items from disaster is to store them in a safe deposit box. Talk with your Private Banker to find a location near you.
Securing Information The trust that you have placed in us to protect your financial and personal information is important to us. While the controls that we have implemented to protect you and your money are very important, preventing financial fraud is a shared responsibility. The information provided in our Security Center will give you the knowledge and the tools to protect yourself.

Preserving your wealth for the next generation

Our advisors will provide you with solutions to preserve and distribute your wealth. This personal approach will help you develop a living wealth transfer strategy that includes spousal gifts, annual gifting, education planning and will also consider fiduciary management or other trust arrangements.

Executor/Successor Trustee Settling an estate is an immense responsibility. The executor you name will need to pay and collect any debts, pay taxes and estate expenses, distribute assets to your heirs or trusts, and communicate regularly with all of your beneficiaries. In addition, our Johnson Bank advisors can provide expert advice for all stages of estate administration to help take the burden off of your loved ones and ensure timely, specific execution of your estate plan.
Charitable Gifting There are many benefits for considering a planned gifting approach as part of your tax and estate planning strategy. Whether assisting charities during your lifetime or leaving a legacy after you're gone, we have the tools and expertise to work with you, your family and the charitable organizations of your choice. Our advisors will ensure your gifts are made according to your wishes in an effective and tax‐efficient manner. We'll show you how donations of stock, real estate and other assets can reduce your tax liability and leave a legacy for generations to come.
Durable Power of Attorney Our advisors will work with you and your family to make sure your financial affairs will be handled in the event you become incapacitated. Putting a power of attorney in place will avoid needing a court‐appointed power of attorney in an emergency. This ensures control is with people you trust, saves your loved ones time, and limits information in public record. We will also educate the people named in your power of attorney document on their responsibilities.


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