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Whether you are a legacy United or Continental pilot, we have experience working with both retirement benefits packages so we can create a customized financial plan for you to follow to help build the retirement life you have worked so hard to create. We are equally conversant in the complex and constantly changing world of Social Security and Medicare benefits. We closely monitor the UAL benefit plans and analyze the implications to better help you when you transition to retirement.

A critical part of your retirement success is your ability to contribute to a tax-advantaged retirement plan and have a plan to maximize those retirement dollars. We also recognize you might have other financial objectives, such as providing for loved ones, or transferring wealth to future generations and believe that achieving them is just as important as growing and preserving your assets. Our ClearWealth® Approach assists clients not only with their retirement planning, but also helps them identify their financial objectives and provides guidance as they work to achieve their goals. To learn more, call us at 877.747.1133.

Your United Airlines Retirement Benefit Plans

A Plan/PBGC   CPRP - A Plan   PRAP PLAN   PRAP/PCRA Professional Portfolio Management


This Defined Benefit Pension Plan was terminated December 30, 2004 and assumed by the PBGC. Your retirement benefits will be paid by the PBGC based upon priority categories. You will receive a PC‐3 or PC‐4 benefit. There are no lump sum benefit options available from the PBGC, only a selection of retirement annuity options. We suggest that you contact the PBGC and request estimated retirement benefits at various commencement ages at

There are key things you should know about your PBGC benefits; some are complex and are unique to your individual situation. Among them are:

Continental Legacy Pilots

Your retirement is made up of separate plans that form the basis for your future retirement income. It is important to understand your benefits and what your responsibilities are with these plans. Being proactive today in managing these assets will go a long way in helping you create a retirement plan you are more confident of achieving.

Continental Pilots Retirement Plan (CPRP) – A Plan

This Defined Benefit Pension Plan (formerly CARP) was frozen in 2005. The retirement benefit is formula driven based on final average earnings and years of service. It is calculated to be paid over your lifetime. You will want to understand your early and normal retirement eligibility and vesting service before making your election for retirement.

Another important decision will be the payment option you choose when you retire:

The lump sum option historically has been a popular option. It is effectively the present value of your single lifetime annuity paid in one single sum. The calculated amount will be affected by mortality rate assumptions and current interest rates. For example, a higher interest rate environment will provide a lower lump‐sum amount.

We suggest you visit Your Benefits Resources to obtain various CPRP benefit options. There is no “one‐size fits all” with this election. Call us at 877.747.1133 to help determine the best option for you and your family.

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United Pilot Retirement Account Plan (PRAP)

PRAP assets are held in trust and secure from UAL creditors. Accounts are held in your name for your benefit.

United Pilot Retirement Account Plan (PRAP) Provides the Following Options:
You may make pre‐tax and Roth 401(k) contributions plus after‐tax contributions (once you have maxed out of your pre‐tax election)
The Company will contribute to the plan an amount equal to 16% of your eligible earnings from the Company each pay period (9% B Plan, 7% C Plan)
Max 2019 IRS contributions are $19,000 plus additional $6,000 “catch‐up” for age 50+
Max 2019 IRS contributions from all sources are $56,000 plus the $6,000 catch-up
You are 100% vested
You select your investments:
  • Target Date Funds, Asset Class Funds (both active and passive) and a window called the Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA). See PRAP service center for full descriptions: toll‐free 1.866.855.7727 or
  • You can self‐direct among investments or retain an advisor to manage your account. Johnson Financial Group offers our ClearWealth® Approach to actively manage your PRAP account for you.
Upon retirement you have the ability to rollover your funds to a Rollover IRA or Roth IRA

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PCRA Brokerage Information

The Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account® (PCRA) is a self‐directed brokerage account. Similar to a regular brokerage account, PCRA gives you access to additional investment choices other than the Target Date or Asset Class Funds. PCRA provides you the ability to buy and sell individual stocks and over 2,000 mutual funds with up to 100% of your PRAP, 401(k) Plan and B‐Plan account balance.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to invest in your PCRA, and our ClearWealth® Approach call us at 877.747.1133.

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