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The Pilot Program team works with Southwest Airlines pilots to create customized financial and retirement plans, to help you make a smooth transition from airline pilot to retirement or another career. We have helped hundreds of pilots and their families with their investment, retirement and financial planning needs.

We also recognize you might have other financial objectives, such as providing for loved ones, or transferring wealth to future generations and believe that achieving them is just as important as growing and preserving your assets.

401(k) Professional Portfolio Management

Your Southwest Airlines 401(k) is the cornerstone of your retirement planning. The sooner you begin to create your financial and retirement plan and focus on managing your money, the more opportunity you will have to retire successfully.

A critical part of your retirement success is your ability to contribute to a tax‐advantaged retirement plan and have a plan to maximize those retirement dollars. You have several options regarding how to manage your retirement assets. Each has pros and cons and should be reviewed in comparison with your personal goals.

Southwest Airlines 401(k) Options
Options Description
Self‐Manage Among Existing Core Plan Investment Options
Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account® (PCRA) A self‐directed brokerage account, similar to a regular brokerage account. PCRA gives you access to many investment choices and allows you to invest in individual stocks, over 2,000 mutual funds and Exchange‐Traded Funds (ETFs) with up to 95% of your 401(k) Plan and Southwest Airlines Pilots Retirement Savings Plan account balance.
Use a Third Party Investment Advisor A qualified third party investment advisor will manage funds for you.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to invest in your PCRA, and our ClearWealth Approach call us at 877.747.1133.