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We have a number of articles to assist Pilots as they plan for retirement, transition into retirement and during retirement.

Here are just a few to explore:

Seminars and Roundtables

Our seminars and roundtables are held throughout the year at various locations across the country. We focus on the major challenges that you will encounter in your financial life as you prepare for retirement. Topics will range from pre‐retirement planning, retirement planning, investments, and family financial survivorship guidance to estate planning. We will cover the challenges, benefits and potential solutions for creating a retirement plan to help you achieve your financial goals. All seminars are free to attend with breakfast or afternoon snack provided.

Contact Information

Phone: 877.747.1133

Application & Forms

Optimized Portfolio Questionnaire

Please take the time to answer the following questions as accurately as possible. After you complete the questionnaire and click submit, we will assess your responses and match them up with the corresponding asset allocation model summary and notify you with your recommended allocation.

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  • articlesSurvivorship Guidance Planning

    By Robert L. Warner, Managing Director, The Pilot Program from Johnson Financial Group Just like a pilot's responsibility extends well beyond the Flight Plan, wealth management means more than just having an investment plan. We view wealth management

  • articlesProper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

    By Robert L. Warner, Managing Director, The Pilot Program from Johnson Financial Group This old adage has been around for some time now. As far as its origins, some sources believe that it was born out of the military. If you were in the military then