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The Pilot Program from Johnson Financial Group has helped hundreds of pilots and their families with their investment, retirement and financial planning needs for decades. We have the professionals and experience to help you understand your retirement benefit options and make sense of all the decisions you need to make before you retire. The Pilot Program can also help you make a smooth transition from airline pilot to retirement or even another career.

We start by helping you understand and define your retirement objectives and needs while you're still working. We also recognize you might have other financial objectives, such as providing for loved ones, or transferring wealth to future generations and believe that achieving them is just as important as growing and preserving your assets.

Not only are the wealth management consultants in the Pilot Program experienced with investment and retirement planning, some of them had previous careers with major airlines—so they have first‐hand understanding of your situation.

Never Take Off Without a Detailed Flight Plan

We will help you create a comprehensive plan that guides your investment choices. Think of it this way: Just as you'd never take off without a detailed flight plan, you should never plan your retirement without one.

It is also important to have a plan in place to help you keep your hard earned assets. Our proactive consulting approach for Estate Planning focuses on minimizing your estate taxes, designating beneficiaries, and more.* We work with qualified estate planning attorneys and can help you find the right advisor to assist you in creating your personal plan.

Finally, we want your family to have a place to turn for guidance after you are gone. Our Family Financial Survivorship Guidance program offers spousal and family assistance through difficult post-death transitions. We also offer personal assistance and planning tools such as the Family Emergency Workbook. That way, you have comfort in knowing there is a plan in place for your assets to continue to work for your family's benefit during that difficult time and beyond.

*Johnson Financial Group does not provide legal or tax advice.

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