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Developing a sound financial plan takes true collaboration. At Johnson Bank, we ask the right questions and listen carefully to understand your needs and help you clearly define your goals, because that’s the foundation for a comprehensive financial plan.

Our advisors bring insight, expertise and experience to help you realize your dreams at every life stage.

We listen to you and focus on your life goals, not just your assets, and we make adjustments as your needs change in the following areas:

Our advisors help build and preserve your wealth in a way that helps you feel confident, content and financially secure through our on‐going process.*

Setting Goals We will meet with you to develop a deep, clear understanding of your needs, risk tolerance and life goals.
Gathering Information To understand your total financial picture, we'll work with you to gather information to provide an accurate foundation.
Assessment We'll perform an in-depth analysis of the information we've gathered together to assess your situation.
Construct a Financial Plan Working together, we'll construct a detailed long-term strategy, or roadmap, to help you make informed decisions.
Implementation Guided by your roadmap, we'll help you implement the recommendations. Your Johnson Bank team will also work with your attorney, accountant or other professional partners to ensure a truly cohesive financial plan if you choose.
Monitor and Review Through periodic reviews, we closely monitor progress toward your goals and adjust our recommendations as needs or market conditions change.

*If a life‐changing event does occur (i.e. marriage, divorce, birth, death) you should notify your advisor immediately as that may impact your financial plan.


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