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Fiduciary Services

Whether you want to sustain your values, family prosperity, charitable commitments or all three, you probably have very specific ideas for the legacy you want to leave. That's where Johnson Bank comes in.

Trustee Services

No one understands long‐term planning quite like Johnson Bank. As a privately‐owned bank led by the fifth generation of Johnson family entrepreneurs, we take our responsibility for the flawless execution of your legacy as seriously as we do our own.

Trusts can be an integral part of an estate plan by greatly reducing your tax exposure, providing protection from creditors, and helping to plan for future generations. Despite popular belief, trusts don't have to be rigid or limit your beneficiary's spending.

Establishing a Trust

Why Name a Trustee?

Depending on the size of their estate, some people rely on friends and family to settle their affairs or manage finances when they no longer can do so. Yet, more and more, delegating those often demanding and complex tasks isn't necessarily a kindness to those you love. Assigning the responsibility to our experienced and objective advisors can eliminate undue stress and also can keep more wealth in your family.

As your trustee, we are personally and legally responsible as the fiduciary for carrying out the terms of your trust exactly as you planned—no biases, just years of experience managing all types of trusts. Depending on your preferences, we can act as sole trustee, co‐trustee or successor trustee.

Our Full Range of Trustee Services

Estate Administration

At Johnson Bank, our advisors provide expert advice for all stages of estate administration to help take the burden off of your loved ones and ensure timely, specific execution of your estate plan. And, because legal requirements and tax issues play a part in that, we'll work with any outside advisors, including attorneys and accountants, to coordinate your total strategy.

Settling an estate is an immense responsibility. The executor you name will need to pay and collect any debts, pay taxes and estate expenses, distribute assets to your loved ones or trusts, and communicate regularly with all of your beneficiaries.

It's not a role you should assign lightly. Naming the appropriate executor is the key to successful estate planning and administration; most often true success means working with an experienced professional.

Our Estate Administration Services


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