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Your money is a tool to achieve all of your dreams. Your wealth should help improve your life and the lives of those around you.

Johnson Investment Services provides access to a full line of investment choices, including traditional brokerage services, to help grow your portfolio, establish a legacy for your loved ones, or support the charities that are important to you.

Our experienced advisors will develop all-inclusive financial strategies tailored to meet your goals now and into the future. Let’s get started on a solid plan for your future today.

Customized Goals Based on Financial Planning

Financial planning is a comprehensive approach to help you realize your short- and long-term goals.  After working closely with you, we will provide you with an action plan tailored for you.

Our Financial Planning Process

Setting Goals  We will meet with you to develop a deep, clear understanding of your needs, risk tolerance and life goals. 
Gathering Information  To understand your total financial picture, we'll work with you to gather information to provide an accurate foundation. 
Assessment  We'll perform an in-depth analysis of the information we’ve gathered together to assess your situation. 
Construct a Financial Plan  Working together, we'll construct a detailed long-term strategy, or roadmap, to help you make informed decisions. 
Implementation  Guided by your roadmap, we'll help you implement the recommendations. Your Johnson Bank team will also work with your attorney, accountant or other professional partners to ensure a truly cohesive financial plan if you choose. 
Monitor and Review  Through periodic reviews, we closely monitor progress toward your goals and adjust our recommendations as needs or market conditions change. 

Personalized Asset Allocation Strategies

The asset allocation process is personalized to determine which mix of assets to hold in your investment portfolio. The allocation that works best for you depends largely on your timeline and your ability to understand and tolerate risk.

A diversified investment portfolio is important. It may minimize your risk and rebalance to the changes in the market. If you are starting to build your investment portfolio or are an experienced investor, our advisors will help you select an asset allocation that is right for you.

Comprehensive Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is more than numbers on paper. It ensures your banking, insurance and investment decisions work together with your lifestyle choices for your maximum benefit. With our full complement of strategies and services - from rollovers to IRAs, SIMPLEs and SEPs - we'll tailor a plan that reflects the total picture of your long-term, financial well-being.

Our experienced advisers will help develop a plan for accumulating funds for your retirement or, if you’re already retired, helping to ensure you won’t outlive your assets.

Extensive Range of Investment Choices

At Johnson Investment Services, we have access to a full complement of financial products and services including brokerage options. From cost effective tools like Exchange Traded Funds, and Unit Investment Trusts to Retirement Plans and Accounts, our experienced advisors will help tailor investment strategies to your needs.

401K Rollovers  IRA Transfers  Retirement Annuities 
Retirement Income Annuities  Managed Retirement Portfolios  Legacy planning 
Wealth Planning and Transfers  Traditional brokerage services including Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Annuities, UITs and Real Estate Trust  Charitable Planning 



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