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Identity Theft Insurance

Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement Coverage from Johnson Insurance provides you the assistance you need to repair the damage from identity theft. We are all susceptible to identity theft. Identity theft occurs when someone unlawfully obtains your personal identification information, for economic gain or criminal purposes. As a victim of identity theft, you not only risk damage to your reputation, but it can potentially ruin your credit, compromise your financial and medical history, and drain your assets. Restoring your good name can be both time consuming and expensive.

Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement Coverage is an invaluable option to add to your homeowners, condominium or renters insurance policy.  Check your policy for specific details on coverage. 

Many of Our Carriers May Provide

Resolution services to help reclaim your identity and restore credit  Fraud expense reimbursement, with no deductible
Reimbursement for Medical ID fraud expenses
Travel expenses
New Government IDs
Tax ID fraud related costs
Lost wages
Attorneys' fees
Guidance from consumer fraud specialists 

For a low annual fee, you can add identity fraud protection coverage from one of our many insurance carriers to your homeowners, condominium or renters policy. Enjoy peace of mind, financial assistance and the support of fraud specialists when you need it most.

Johnson Bank Security CenterVisit the Johnson Bank security center to learn more about the signs of identity theft and protecting your financial information.

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