Abstract Background

Personal Finance Enhancements

User Experience Visual Example
Quickly view and access all of the financial tools on the Personal Finance Main Menu. PFmenu
Easy to use tools on the top of every page for ‘Link Account,’ ‘Online Help’ and ‘Learn More.’ PFtools
With the new Financial Overview you can easily see and manage all of your account information in one place including reward accounts with point balances. Expand on any account to see account information, transactions and balance trends. Edit the account, add nicknames and set transaction defaults. PFoverview
Manage Accounts Visual Example
Account Groups are easier to use on the menu. Easily see transactions, trending and balances for certain purposes. Create groups for tracking multiple accounts at a glance. Groups will be included in these areas: Spending, Cash Flow Analysis, Net Worth, Net Worth Change, Credit Card Utilization, Transactions and Compare Spending. No Screenshot Available
The new Link Account provides you with an easier process to find and add external accounts. Identify the right site from the list of most common sites. Step‐by‐step instructions guide you through the process. View the URL address for the website associated with the site so you can compare it to yours. Also, see a list of your currently linked accounts. PFlinkaccount
Transactions will replace View Financial Activity and provide easy access to options at the top of the page. Here, you will still categorize transactions and split transactions into multiple categories. Credit and debit amounts are shown in 2 columns streamlining the data for viewing and printing. No Screenshot Available
Create personalized reports from Transactions using advanced search. No Screenshot Available
Spending and Budget Visual Example
Manage Spending Categories is now on the Personal Finance Main Menu and includes all the same features. No Screenshot Available
Spending replaces Expense Analysis and allows you to stay on one page while working with spending categories or to easily change or fix any categorization. View the chart or include your transactions below the chart. Quickly change the view through time period icons below the chart or by entering the date. PFspending
Manage Budget is easy to use and provides options to focus on the spending categories you have the most control over. Manage Budget includes the Compare Spending chart and replaces the Set Budget Goals and Alerts. Set targets for any category by selecting Income and Spending on the top of the Manage Budget section. Spending categories are broken out between fixed and variable spending based on a monthly average up to 6 months. PFmanagebudget
From the Compare Spending chart on the Manage Budget page view your spending over time. See how spending compares from month to month and compared to your budget. The new What's Left will show funds available after expenses for your savings goals. PFmonthovermonth
Investments and Net Worth Visual Example
Now Investments will provide a month over month snapshot of the percentage change and direction of your investments at the top of the page. The simplified tools will provide information on how portfolio assets are allocated to make balancing decisions and assess risk. PFinvestments
View overall financial health in one glance from the new Net Worth. The multi‐purpose page provides a net worth statement, performance chart and a full assets and liabilities chart. Choose the assets and accounts to include in the net worth view using the preferences link. Multiple charting, viewing preferences and filters provide different views of the net worth information. PFnetworth
Real Estate replaces Track Home Equity and will perform the same analysis as before. No Screenshot Available