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Savings & Money Market

A Johnson Bank Savings or Money Market account will help you prepare for life’s little surprises. If you’re just starting to save, or want to build your nest egg, one of our Relationship Bankers will help you select a Savings or Money Market account to best meet your short-term goals.


Value Features Essential Savings Signature Money Market Relationship Money Market5
eBanking check check check
Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit check check check
Access to thousands of fee-free ATMS check check check
eStatements check check check
Personal Finance from Yodlee check
Johnson Bank CheckCard / ATM Card check 
ATM card only
check check
Automatic Savings Plans check check check
Earn Relationship Rates when tied to qualifying accounts5 - - check
Account Details  Essential Savings  Signature Money Market Relationship Money Market5 
Minimum Opening Deposit $100 $1,000 $25,000
Monthly Cycle Maintenance Fee
waived if any one of the following qualifications below are met
$51 $25 $50
     Minimum Daily Ledger Balance2 $300 $1,000 $25,000
     Average Monthly Cycle Ledger Balance $1,000 $10,000 -
     Combined Related Aggregate Ledger
     Balance (deposits)3
- $20,000 -
6 free Withdrawal Transactions per Monthly Cycle4
check check check
Additional Transaction/Activity Fee
$6 each after 6
check check check
Interest Rate Varies
contact Johnson Bank 
contact Johnson Bank 
contact Johnson Bank
Interest Payment Frequency, Monthly
check check check
Statement Frequency
with ACH activity
Monthly Monthly
Check Safekeeping - No Charge No Charge

1 Essential Savings accounts for minors will not be assessed a Maintenance Fee until their 18th birthday. 2 Opening an account with an amount less than the Minimum Daily Ledger Balance will result in the account being assessed a Monthly Cycle Maintenance Fee for the initial monthly cycle, unless another balance qualification disclosed is met. 3 Defined as the lowest daily combined ledger balance of this account plus all related savings, money market and certificate of deposit accounts. Certain deposit account balances for retirement or tax-deferred accounts are excluded. Savings, money market and certificate of deposit accounts may not be used with more than one checking account. 4 Transaction/Activity fees are charged after six (6) withdrawals or transfers completed by check, preauthorized or automatic means, telephone or VRU, check card or similar method to a third party. No additional fee will be charged for any transactions completed in person at Johnson Bank or at an ATM. 5 Eligibility Requirements: Maintain three (3) additional consumer products with either, Johnson Bank or Johnson Insurance, of which one must be a checking account. Consumer products are accounts held by the consumer and include a deposit account, safe deposit box, trust relationship, Élan credit card, INVEST account or any Johnson Insurance policy, including home, auto, life or umbrella. Consumer Products may not be used with more than one Relationship Money Market account. If the eligibility requirements are not maintained, the account will be automatically converted to a Signature Money Market account. NOTE: Eligibility requirements must be met at the time the Relationship Money Market account is opened. Other information: Minimum age to open an individual Essential Savings account is 12 (no ATM access); Signature or Relationship Money Market account is 18. Additional fees may apply, see the Fee Schedule for more information.


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