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Chip Cards

Johnson Bank Visa® enhanced card security

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We all use our debit and credit cards for shopping, eating out and buying groceries. Now, you'll have the enhanced security of an embedded microchip. As always, you'll be able to use your card anywhere Visa® is accepted.

What is a Chip Card?

Chip cards differ from the traditional magnetic strip cards in the following ways:

Enhanced Fraud Protection

Every time you use your card at a chip‐enabled terminal, the embedded chip protects your information by creating a unique one‐time transaction code. The code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps reduce fraud for in‐person purchases.

Zero Liability

With Zero Liability, you're protected against fraudulent use of your card and you won't be held liable for unauthorized purchases made with your card.*

Global Acceptance

Chip cards are accepted in over 130 countries and may be the required method of payment. You should carry your Johnson Bank chip card wherever you go, especially when you plan to travel overseas.

Using a Chip Card

Chip Card Infographic
Step 1: Insert Card Face Up Step 2: Leave the Card in the Terminal and Follow Prompts Step 3: Remove Your Card
Instead of swiping, you'll insert the card into the terminal, chip first, face up. The chip card must remain in the terminal during the entire transaction. Sign the receipt or enter your PIN to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, remember to take your card with you.

Please note, if the merchant does not have a chip‐enabled terminal, you will still be able to swipe your card.

*Proper notification of unauthorized purchases is required.