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15 Year Celebration
Posted on JUN 28, 2017

Johnson Building's 15th year celebrated

Racine, Wis. (June 26, 2017) – Johnson Financial Group and Johnson Outdoors this week are celebrating 15 years since the Johnson Building opened, adding a major piece to Downtown's revitalization.

The Johnson Building, 555 Main St., was built for about $22.5 million, starting in 2000 and opening in early July 2002. It houses the world headquarters of JFG and Johnson Outdoors, a Johnson Outdoors retail store and Red Onion Café. JFG is the holding company which includes Johnson Bank and Johnson Insurance.

“The significance of our address, 555 Main Street, and 15 years go hand in hand. The story of the Johnson Building is really an interesting story and it was only shared in 2002 when the building was completed. The presence of the building and bringing together more than 400 employees under one roof was meant to be a catalyst for revitalization of Downtown Racine,” said Tom Bolger, president and CEO of Johnson Financial Group. “As our Downtown continues to strengthen, we are reminded by the difference a decision can make. We're proud to be here and retell the story to the community and the people who work in this building.”

The two Johnson companies based at the building started their celebration on Monday morning by taking a photo of more than 315 of their 450 employees who work in the building forming a large 15.

On Tuesday, June 27, the Johnson companies are matching sales at the Red Onion Café and Johnson Outdoors with the proceeds going to United Way of Racine County.

In addition, the public is invited to come into the Johnson Building on Tuesday for kringle and coffee from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

All week, a video will be playing on screens in the building's lobby, just outside the Red Onion. It features Downtown Racine Corp. and Racine Art Museum officials and former Mayor Jim Smith sharing their thoughts about the impact the Johnson Building has made to the area.

Also on display this week in the building will be a pictorial exhibit of moments in time during the construction and through the completion of the Johnson Building.

And, in a partnership with the new Racine Creative Center, a few students involved there were asked to look at the Johnson Building as a structure and its significance to Downtown and share their interpretations. Those will also be on display this week.

Article by Michael Burke | Racine Journal Times