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Johnson Insurance Marketplace

The Johnson Insurance Marketplace, an online private exchange, is a cost‐effective solution for businesses with less than 50 employees that want to provide health care insurance. Your employees shop for health insurance, and you choose the defined contribution.

Through our marketplace, the health insurance selection process is streamlined, allowing you to control rising health care costs and providing your employees the opportunity to customize their own health plan.

How Does Johnson Insurance Marketplace Work?

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Benefits of Johnson Insurance Marketplace

Checkmark Icon Employer gains control over costs
Checkmark Icon Contributions are tax deductible
Checkmark Icon Reduced administrative workload
Checkmark Icon Improves operational efficiencies
Checkmark Icon Competitive rates and high quality plans
Checkmark Icon Flexible coverage to fit each employee's needs
Checkmark Icon Online access anytime, anywhere

Johnson Insurance will proactively look for ways to help your business control costs, increase efficiencies and mitigate potential risks. To learn more and discuss whether the Johnson Insurance Marketplace is right for your company, contact us today at 800‐776‐7055 for more information.


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