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Claims Advocacy

In most losses, the claims process is handled professionally and timely by the carrier’s claims representative.  But sometimes things happen and you need someone you trust to assist you in working with the carrier on a claim.

Through Johnson Insurance, you will have access to a team of claims specialists who will work with you to develop strategies that can lessen or eliminate potential issues and answer any questions you may have regarding verification of coverage that could lead to money out of your pocket.

Claims Specialists Assistance

Our specialized claims team will be your advocate to reinforce control over your business’ claim outcomes, including reviewing claims that impact your experience mod to make sure the claim is properly reserved at the time of the unit stat filing. You can count on us in situations when you need help.

Your employee had a serious work related injury  
You had significant loss or damage to property, equipment or a vehicle that could have adverse impact on your business operations  
The carrier informed you there may not be coverage  
You are having problems reaching a settlement with the carrier  
The settlement offer does not meet your expectations 
The adjuster has not contacted you 
You have new or additional information to report regarding a previously reported claim 
You have a sensitive timeline to resolve the claim 
You need the adjuster’s contact information 


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