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International Banking

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Johnson Bank's international banking tools help your company compete
in the global market and reduce your risk while expediting trade.

Letters of Credit 

Letters of credit are widely used as a method of payment for imports and exports in international trade. They can also be used domestically to facilitate trade without the risk of open account or cash in advance transactions. 
  • Import Letters of Credit
  • Export Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit 

Foreign Exchange 

Our Tools 
Predicting the fluctuation of foreign currencies is challenging, yet very important to operate in the global market. Johnson Bank’s Foreign Exchange services will help your company manage the flow of foreign currency transactions and provide you with resources that help reduce the risk associated with fluctuating foreign exchange rates and international trading. 
  • Foreign Currency
  • Foreign Currency Check Deposits
  • Foreign Exchange Contracts
  • Foreign Currency Accounts 

International Payment Services 

Our Services 
Initiating international payments can be tricky and time-consuming. Rely on Johnson Bank to facilitate your company’s international wire transfers and drafts in a secure and controlled environment. 
  • International Wire Transfers
  • International Drafts
  • International Collections
  • Documentary Import/Export Collections
  • Foreign Check Collections 


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